Thanks for Rockin Wit Sweet Mod!

Posted on February 06, 2017 by EJ Wigfall

Hi Y'all! I just want to say THANK YOU for Rockin Wit Sweet Mod!  I consider it a blessing each & every someone orders from us or refers to us! We have been working on some things and a girl had to switch her priorities up! (Phillipians 1:10)


Many of you may not know this but I'm heavily involved in my community as a bible volunteer. My volunteer work is what brings me consistent joy outside of helping women look and feel pretty. I recently reached a point where the business was doing swell but my spiritual focus became slightly blurred. I paused EVERYTHING and re-evaluated what ERICA really wanted...for me, for my family and for my relationship with Jehovah God.


I decided to level up my volunteer work and level down my shop and guess what...my customers are still supported me! And Welcome to all the new customers and THANK YOU ALL for Rockin Wit Sweet Mod!😘😘😘


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Metallica is Back! Maybe Not...

Posted on November 14, 2016 by EJ Wigfall
I'm not a heavy metal fan at all so I'm not referencing
the 80's band Metallica but what I am referencing is
this hot new trend of metallics! Is it me or have you
also noticed that almost every major celebrity/blogger
has been spotted sporting their very own rendition of
Metallics! Whether it be in the form of a maxi dress,
joggers or my fav... the infamous midi length pleated
skirt! I've seen it and I LUV IT! 
Ms. Marlo Hampton Honey Rocking the Gucci
Pleated Skirt in Metallic Gold
What Do I LUV About Metallic Pleated Skirts? Well
for starters, if you follow my mini-blog on IG LOL...
you know I'm an advocate of timeless fashion. I
believe each piece in your wardrobe should convey
an "I'm here to stay element"...What do I mean by
"here to stay"...Each piece should be traditionally
appealing to your personal style and the ever
changing world of fashion. With the Metallic Pleated
Skirts you have an element of traditional class &
modesty with a bold touch of FUNK!  We
affectionately call our midi length metallic skirt Marlo!
Follow us on IG  @sweetfunkboutique for 3 ways to
Rock a Metallic Skirt! Tootles Chicas 😘😘😘

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Online Boutique Officially Launched

Posted on August 28, 2015 by EJ Wigfall

 Dear Future Customer,

WooHoo! SWEET-FUNK.com has officially launched! What a dream come true for me!  It all started with writing my vision of owning my own online boutique in a journal while working my 9 to 5. I can't express the joy I feel seeing my vision give birth to an actual online experience!  I love to refer to myself as the CEO (Creative Experience Officer) of Sweet-Funk.com! I stole this title from the founder,Ms.Myleik Teele of CurlBox.com. I believe that every purchase should encompass an experience. When Beyonce Launched her world re-known tour labeling it with the word "experience", we were all instantly sucked into her BeeHive! 

I believe each visit to Sweet-Funk.com should evoke a fresh, fun, trendy experience. Your Sweet-Funk experience will guarantee you trendy finds that will be sure to set you fashionably above the rest! Our team finds unique pieces and we show you how to work your present wardrobe with the new unique pieces you will find here.  All that's left for you to do is SHOP! Thank you for taking the time to check us out!


Happy Shopping,

EJ Wigfall

CEO (Creative Experience Officer)


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