Metallica is Back! Maybe Not...

Posted on November 14, 2016 by EJ Wigfall
I'm not a heavy metal fan at all so I'm not referencing
the 80's band Metallica but what I am referencing is
this hot new trend of metallics! Is it me or have you
also noticed that almost every major celebrity/blogger
has been spotted sporting their very own rendition of
Metallics! Whether it be in the form of a maxi dress,
joggers or my fav... the infamous midi length pleated
skirt! I've seen it and I LUV IT! 
Ms. Marlo Hampton Honey Rocking the Gucci
Pleated Skirt in Metallic Gold
What Do I LUV About Metallic Pleated Skirts? Well
for starters, if you follow my mini-blog on IG LOL...
you know I'm an advocate of timeless fashion. I
believe each piece in your wardrobe should convey
an "I'm here to stay element"...What do I mean by
"here to stay"...Each piece should be traditionally
appealing to your personal style and the ever
changing world of fashion. With the Metallic Pleated
Skirts you have an element of traditional class &
modesty with a bold touch of FUNK!  We
affectionately call our midi length metallic skirt Marlo!
Follow us on IG  @sweetfunkboutique for 3 ways to
Rock a Metallic Skirt! Tootles Chicas 😘😘😘

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